Chinese visit to “Intervitis Interfructa Hortitechnica” in Stuttgart

Introduction to the European mechanization planting techniques

Brussels, 4 January 2017 - In the framework of the “EU-China wine cooperation” project, a delegation of Chinese wine-growers has been invited to participate to the international technology trade fair for wine “Intervitis Interfructa Hortitechnica” in Stuttgart. This successful visit resulted in the implementation of the Mechanisation module aiming to introduce and demonstrate the European mechanisation planting techniques to a group of high-level Chinese wine-growers.

The “Intervitis Interfructa Hortitechnica”, which takes place every 2 years in Stuttgart, is a famous international trade fair for wine, juice and special crops focusing on cultivation and harvesting technology, processing and process control, filling and packaging technology, as well as marketing.

The European Wine Committee (CEEV), together with the German Winegrowers’ Association (DWV) and the Chinese Alcohol Drinks Association (CADA) organised a visit of a Chinese wine-grower delegation with a specific and tailored programme. Indeed, during this visit, the Chinese delegation has had the opportunity to attend private presentations and seminars from high-ranking keynote speakers (German high-representatives, OIV President, renowned University professors, EU company representatives...), quality conferences, machine demonstrations, wine tasting...

It has been commonly agreed by both organisers and participants that this fair has been a successful event. The main themes revolved around globalisation, climate change and digitalisation, which are currently key topics strongly influencing the evolution of the wine market.

“The visit of the Chinese Delegation at the INTERVITIS has been very positive in terms of illustration and promotion of European quality products. The different seminars gave EU exhibitors the possibility to present in details their equipment from a technical point of view and the visit of their booth allowed them to show their machines in operation. Congratulations again to our German colleagues for the successful organisation. This event is a clear example of the good collaboration existing between the EU and the Chinese wine sectors.” said Dr. Ignacio Sanchez Recarte, Secretary General of the CEEV

Not only this visit has been a key opportunity for the European engineers to introduce their cutting-edge technology to the Chinese wine-growers, but is has also been an opportunity to – once again through this cooperation project – share about both sides cultures and traditions. This visit has been well completed by visits of German wineries and cooperatives, tastings of local products and visits of cities located around the fair venue.