CELCAA will defend consumers' benefits at the next WTO Public Forum

1-3 October 2014 - Geneva


In the framework of the next WTO Public Forum, that will take place from 1-3 October 2014 in WTO's headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland) under the theme "Why trade matters to everyone", the European organisation for trade in agrifood products (CELCAA*) will be animating a working session on the potential conflicts between trade facilitation, food safety standards and consumer protection policies. 


This session will take place on 3rd October, from 11am to 1pm, and will give the floor to high-level panelists from a wide variety of sectors.

CEEV's Policy Officer, Sylvain Naulin, has been invited to join the panel and will present the wine sector's perspective through a presentation entitled “Standards convergence and consumers interest: the case of wine”.


For more information on the WTO Public Forum and the CELCAA working session, please click here or download CELCAA's press release


* CELCAA is the EU umbrella association representing EU organisations covering the trade in cereals, grains, oil, animal feed, wine, meat and meat products, dairy and dairy products, eggs, poultry and game, tobacco, spices and general produces. Members include COCERAL, UECBV, EUCOLAIT, CEEV, EUWEP, GAFTA EU, FETRATAB, CIBC. CELCAA’s main objectives are to facilitate understanding of European decision-makers and stakeholders on the role played by the European traders in agri-commodities; to act as a platform of dialogue and communication with the European Institutions and to encourage public and general interests in agri-trade issues.